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Frequently Asked Questions
How Can I Prepare for a Future Pregnancy?
What is a Doula and Why Should I Hire One?
Why Should I Take Childbirth Education Courses?
Why Should I attend Breastfeeding Courses?
Why Should I Have My Placenta Encapsulated?
What is the Benefit to Receiving Prenatal Massage?
Can I Remember My Pregnant Belly with a Bellycast?
Where can I learn how to do Basic Cares for my new baby?
How can my relationship with my partner be protected
with a new baby soon to arrive?
How Can I Become a Doula?

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Why Should You Attend a Treasured Birth
Education Course?

Treasured Birth's courses are specially designed and tailored to
give expecting couples the ability to make informed choices
in their pregnancy, labor and birth.  

In-hospital courses are traditionally recommended by hospital health care providers
They are cost-subsidized by insurance providers.  
The information provided in their courses are focused on following hospital procedures, and
protecting the hospital and its providers from liability.

Statistics show that couples who give birth after having attended
hospital courses alone have a much higher rate of having
unnecessary medications and other interventions.  

Treasured Birth's courses have the flexibility to provide parents
with the information that they need to make informed decisions.
Courses present accurate and up-to-date
evidence-based and scientific research information.

This ensures that each class is personalized to empower
expecting parents to achieve the birth that they desire to have.
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Preparing for Pregnancy Courses
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Placenta Encapsulation Courses
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