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A Doula is a trained and experienced birth professional who provides a
pregnant woman and her family with continuous emotional support,
and physical comfort and education before, during and after childbirth.
A Doula strives to facilitate communication between the laboring woman,
her family and her clinical care providers.
A Doula perceives her role as one who nurtures and protects
the woman's memory of her birth experience.
Doulas strive to enhance the role and participation of the partner
and family members by modeling supportive and helpful behavior during
A Doula strives to draw loved ones closer.

Researchers Kennell and Klaus et. al. found in six studies:
    Cesareans down 50%
    Length of labor down 25%
    Pitocin down 40%
    Forceps down 40%
    Epidurals reduced by 60%

(Adapted by Penny Simkin, 1992)
Positive labor perception
Decreased medications
Decreased interventions
Decreased cesareans
Decreased anxiety
Decreased tension
Shortened labor

Positive family bonding
Increased self-esteem
Perception of choice
Increased participation
Decreased depression

Doula Support Packages:

1.  Three to Four Prenatal Meetings.
We can meet either at your home, or at a location of your choice.
These meetings average  one to two hours long each.  
Our initial visits allow us an opportunity to get to know each other better
and provide us with a chance for us to explore your expectations for support,
as well as help you to create a birth plan that fits your family.  
Additional prenatal visits may be arranged as desired.

2.  Following our Contracted Agreement,  
and after the first initial Prenatal Meetings:
You will be able to contact me via cell phone, or email, or at your convenience.
I enjoy hearing from clients after they visit their provider for prenatal visits, and I am happy
to answer any concerns or questions you may have throughout your pregnancy!

3.  Continuous Personalized Labor & Birth Support
Beginning in early labor, we will maintain contact through telephone, text, or in-person.
I will attend and support you continually in your birth location of choice.  
I will provide you with emotional support and advocacy.  
As your labor progresses, it is my goal to incorporate relaxation, massage, aromatherapy,
and varied comfort techniques from your learned birth method.  
Modelling comfort measures encourages the other members of your birth team to join in with
their own valuable support.  
The goal is to create positive birth environment, which supports your overall positive birth experience.

4.  Immediately After the Birth
After baby is born, I will provide assist with initial latch and breastfeeding.
I will stay with you and your partner to ensure you both have had something to eat,
and you and baby are both settled in, relaxed and comfortable.
Now it is time for you to enjoy your new baby!

5.  One to Two Postpartum Meetings
These meetings are arranged to be done in your home, at your convenience.
The first postpartum meeting usually occurs within the first few days after the birth.
The second meeting usually occurs during the second week postpartum.  
We will discuss your birth experience perception, and I will answer any questions you may
have about the labor and birth.  It is my goal at this time to connect you at that time
with any additional needed resources.  

Treasured Birth's fee for Birth Doula Support Services is
Treasured Birth is an Operation Special Delivery Doula for Military Families.
Optional Payment Arrangements are available for special circumstances.

Postpartum Doula Support Packages:
Postpartum support is
25.00 per hour, with a 4-hour minimum commitment.
Please visit the Placenta Encapsulation Pages
 Encapsulation is $200.00.
Please Visit the Childbirth Education Pages.
 Many options are available.
Please visit the information page on Belly Casting
.  Belly casts begin at $125.00.

Please note that Treasured Birth, LLC, is also available on a sliding fee scale for those that need this option.

My Doula Pledge to You

I recognize birth as a key experience that you will remember all of your  life.
I will assist you and your partner in preparing for and carrying out your birth plans.
I will stay with you throughout your entire labor and birth.
I will provide you with emotional support and physical comfort measures, and will support all
decisions for care that you pursue with a non-judgemental point-of-view.
I will educate and encouraged you to release fear and tension, and help you to make informed
decisions throughout your pregancy, labor, birth and postpartum period.  
I will do my best to facilitate communication between you, the laboring woman,
your partner and your clinical care providers.
I will encourage your partner/support person to be as involved as they are comfortable throughout
the process of planning and birth.  My role will in no way reduce, or
supercede that of your partner.
I perceive my overall role as a Doula as being one of nurturing and protecting the
positive memory of your birth experience.

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